Innerwave Structural Integration (ISI)

Innerwave Structural Integration (ISI) is a comprehensive form of Structural Bodywork inspired by the desire to empower people to move their bodies with a greater awareness and freedom. Instead of viewing chronic pain as something to simply be alleviated ISI sessions improve a person’s understanding and relationship to the sensations being felt. This sensory feedback informs postural movement in a way that can be carried forward as more efficient and balanced integrated movement patterning. Real world applications in tasks of everyday living and other lifestyle activities become accessible.

Issues in the Tissues

The artfulness with which we move our bodies through our daily lives has a tremendous influence on our level of enjoyment, athletic performance, emotional balance and poise as well as the grace we bring to aging. Conversely the things that limit the expression of a vibrant “innerwave” of wellness are the very nuggets ISI addresses in therapist/client collaboration during an ISI series. Less than optimal posture relating to both past traumas and daily use patterns, restricted breathing patterns, limiting ideas and concepts regarding our bodies and a culture of kinetic body disconnect all contribute to an experience far short of the potential residing in the human form.

Innerwave Solution 

An ISI series will help you move better, feel better, have more energy, reduce pain, be more present and generally live a healthier lifestyle. It is true that everything is connected in the body. Fascia is a bodywide network of connective tissue that links all the other systems together in the body.  It shapes and houses the organs, muscles, and nerves. Restrictions in the fascial matrix often lead to breakdowns or limitations on functions such as nerve conduction, fluid circulation and oxygen exchange.  ISI improves these functions by manually releasing these restrictions in a systematic way that takes into account the postural functions of this fibrous network.   

An ISI session or series involves YOU, the client, in the process of understanding your health goals. This has proven over the years of practice to greatly improve outcomes and sustainability in moving toward enhanced long-term wellness.

 A thorough static and movement postural assessment is followed by the development of an individualized strategy that addresses the client’s particular goals and history. These sessions include both manual and movement therapies gleaned from over 20 years of study in many modalities including Myofascial Release, KMI Structural Integration, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Medical Massage and many forms of movement therapy and awareness training. 

A thorough static and movement postural assessment lead to the formulation of session goals. The goal is not only to apply bodywork techniques to reduce pain and assist the body in healing but to involve you in understanding your own process. ISI brings an array of movement and bodywork techniques to the goal of improved relationship to our multifaceted 3 dimensional bodies.

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