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“I have only the highest regard for the services of Jeff Hocker. I have seen well over 10 therapists over the past decade for the treatment of a sports related back injury. Jeff Hocker is by far the finest therapist I have met. He seems to incorporate the best of multiple approaches and he has a true and unique ability to think out of the box. His understanding of complex musculoskeletal and fascial physiology is impressive and explains his success and outstanding results that have been durable. He loves the challenge of complex cases and offering results in situations where others have been unsuccessful. Most importantly, Jeff truly cares about his clients and patients, who are treated like friends and family. It is with the highest level of confidence that I recommend the comprehensive services of Jeff Hocker.”

Dr David Schriebman, MD
“Lynn and Jeff Hocker are jewels of Sarasota. Although they use separate but complimentary healing modalities, they have enormously helped me improve the general condition of my body. Working with Lynn and learning Gyrotonic exercise is helping me greatly improve my range of motion, flexibility, strength, coordination, and better understand (and correct) mistakes that I have been making for years. And in correcting specific issues, she draws from an extensive treasure chest of knowledge, having a significant background as a massage educator, a licensed massage therapist, and dancer. Initially, when I first started working with Jeff, he quickly resolved issues relating to lower back pain. And although now I see him for “maintenance” on an ongoing basis, as an adult dance student, from time-to-time when things move out of whack, he is a wizard.”

Caroll Michels

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